Broken Dental Fittings

A variety of dental fittings are used to address many dental issues for all ages of patients. Orthodontics and cosmetic fittings are used to benefit and aid in dental care. However, problems can occur which can either be problems in and of themselves, or can even result in further damage to your teeth. Sometimes these broken fittings can be temporarily addressed to avoid discomfort, pain and further damage although they will eventually need to be assessed by a dentist.

Broken Dentures

The ever-changing shape of a person’s mouth and jaw can cause dentures to become loose and more likely to break. Also, because they are not as durable as natural teeth, the material can weaken in the mouth and suffer more from general wear and tear.

Dentures can suffer from chips and stains like natural teeth, but they can also be susceptible to cracks or complete breakages. Dentures can be difficult to repair and can also cause damage to any remaining natural teeth. It is advised that any signs of damage are addressed immediately.

Broken Braces

More problems will occur with traditional metal brace fittings, as these have more wires and brackets which can become loose and break. A number of these issues can be treated temporarily, but with severe injuries (such as sports related trauma) immediate treatment will be required. The most common problems with braces are:

  • Loose bands - The metal rings usually bonded around the back of the teeth. These can come loose from the wire completely, and will need to be reattached by an orthodontist.
  • Loose spacer - Small rubber placed between teeth to create gaps for bands. They can fall out entirely and your orthodontist will have to replace them.
  • Broken or protruding wires - A common problem that can lead to wires cutting or damaging the gum, tongue or inner cheek. The discomfort can be relieved with painkillers and by keeping any wounds clean. It is not advised to cut any wires, but to move them back into a less painful place if possible.
  • Loose brackets - The resin holding the bracket on the teeth can weaken, allowing the bracket to slip and damage gums and other soft tissue. Orthodontic wax can be used to temporarily reattach the bracket or cover it until you can see the orthodontist.

Broken Crown

Broken crowns may occur due to problems with the tooth underneath. This may mean that root canal treatment is required and a new crown to be fitted. The same damage can happen to a crown as a natural tooth so it is advised that extra care is taken for crown teeth than natural teeth, so as to avoid any further problems with that tooth.